RETRO NERD Geek Oversized BLACK Framed Spring Temple Clear Lens Eye Glasses

Bestseller #1 Dork Glasses

  • ASIN: B00IT3CO86
  • Brand: moda
  • Size: One Size
  • Originally from the 50s, Wayfarer is classic, stylish, cool and trendy. With a touch of class and serious attitude, you never go wrong with Wayfarer style. They are good for everyday eye wear, party or just to look good.

    Thick Square Frame Clear Lens Glasses Eyeglasses Super Oversized Fashion and Costume - Black

    Bestseller #2 Dork Glasses

  • Brand: grinderPUNCH
  • Size: Oversized
  • Thick Square Frame Clear Lens Glasses Eyeglasses Super Oversized Fashion and Costume. NON-RX (non-prescription) For fashion or Costume use! 100% UV Protection (UVA and UVB) Great for daily use for both men and women! Extra Large Fit - 5.75" Wide, 2.25" Height, 5.5" Arms. Get yours today!

    Sunglasses Classic 80's Vintage Style Design (Black, Clear), Large

    Bestseller #3 Dork Glasses

  • UPC: 758391847406
  • ASIN: B075VBWP4G
  • Brand: Retro Optix
  • Size: Largen
  • Enjoy these Great Retro Optix (TM) Style Sunglasses. These sunglasses are a fun reminder that the retro style has spanned many decades and is still going strong today! Enjoy the fun, bright, modern colors or the classic black. Sunglasses are important to help reduce exposure to harmful "rays" from t... [Read More]

    Vintage "Buddy" Wayfarer Blues Brothers Clear Sunglasses

    Bestseller #4 Dork Glasses

  • UPC: 789123405281
  • ASIN: B0028ITK58
  • Brand: FASH Limited
  • Size: Standard size
  • Manufacturer: Rhode Island Novelty
  • Revenge for all nerds! This old-school 50s style geeky pair of glasses makes a great costume accessory for Halloween and masquerade parties´┐Żand of course they're great for everyday nerds too! Great on their own, even better with the other costumes and accessories to complete the look for bookworms... [Read More]

    (20 Pieces Per Case) Wholesale Lot Clear Lens Glasses. Assorted Colored Frame Fashion Glasses. Bulk Glasses - Wholesale Bulk Nerdy Party Glasses, Party Supplies.

    Bestseller #5 Dork Glasses

  • UPC: 889559030719
  • ASIN: B009YQMI7O
  • Brand: OWL
  • Manufacturer: Green Team Warehouse
  • Glasses style with clear lens. These party glasses are available in different colors, Red, Black, White, Purple, Blue, Neon Green, Yellow, Orange , Pink, Leopard, Turquoise, Box of 20 glasses of the assorted colors. Lens in Poly, frame AC.

    WOWSUN Non Prescription Glasses for Women Men,Clear Lens Eyeglasses Fashion Nerd Optical Frames Fake Eye Glasses Black Frame

    Bestseller #6 Dork Glasses

  • ASIN: B07QL1J7T1
  • Brand: WOWSUN
  • Size: Medium
  • WOWSUN glasses frame comes with clear lens,that will not hurt your eyes. You can wear them for costume or fashion purposes. You can also replace them with your prescription lenses. WOWSUN glasses is the perfect choice for both outdoor and indoor activities such as indoor office use, walking, travell... [Read More]


    Bestseller #7 Dork Glasses

  • UPC: 705911506398
  • ASIN: B01MY7GH65
  • Brand: Got Shades
  • Size: One Size Fits All
  • Got Shades offers adult unisex 10 pack sunglasses available in 42 different color options. The glasses are normal sunglasses or fake nerd glasses that retails at $10. Excellent for parties favors, birthdays, school fundraising, charity auctions, corporate giveaway, wedding photo booths, bridal parti... [Read More]

    FancyG Classic Retro Fashion Style Clear Lenses Glasses Frame Eyewear - Black

    Bestseller #8 Dork Glasses

  • ASIN: B014SEZN1O
  • Brand: FancyG
  • FancyG Novelty Eyewear will give you some unique looks and fun. These Clear Lens Glass Frames can be wore daily or any special events or as costume. It can be a decoration for you without discomfort to your eyes with Non-Prescription Clear Lenses. The product of FancyG is not part or associated with... [Read More]

    Kangaroo's Black Wayfarer Super Hero Nerd Glasses

    Bestseller #9 Dork Glasses

  • UPC: 852409007490
  • ASIN: B06WVB9949
  • Brand: Kangaroo
  • Size: One Size Fits Most
  • Kangaroo's Super Hero Glasses.

    Black Frame Nerd Glasses (12 Pack) Plastic. Costume Party Favors

    Bestseller #10 Dork Glasses

  • UPC: 698887598361
  • ASIN: B005DS6V16
  • Brand: Fun Express
  • Manufacturer: Fun Express
  • These plastic nerd eyeglasses are a wonderfully weird party treat! A humorous accessory for anyone who wants to look like a classic nerd, these fun nerd glasses work for a variety of pranks! 5 1/2" with 5" ear pieces. (12 Pack).

    50's Nerd Geek Dork Glasses Thick Lens Kids Shades Costume Coke Bottle Frame GaG

    Dork Glasses

  • Category: Party Gags & Tricks
  • Price: 4 USD
  • NEW SUN-GLASSES Round DORK NERD CLEAR 80's Vintage Retro

    Dork Glasses

  • Category: Sunglasses
  • Price: 9 USD
  • Extra Large Fit COVER Over Most Rx Glasses Sunglasses Safety drive put Dark Lens

    Dork Glasses


    Extra Large Fit COVER Over Most Rx Glasses Sunglasses Safety drive put Dark Lens

    proSPORT Bifocal Reading Sunglass Readers. HD Vision with Semi Rimless Wraparound Frame for Cycling, Running, Fishing, Golf and Driving.

    Dork Glasses

  • Model: BF79X87HW-TO-HD-100-MFB
  • Color: Brown
  • Size: 1+1.00
  • The Hawkeye wrap around HD BI-FOCAL glasses with impact resistant polycarbonate lenses protect your eyes from harmful UV rays, wind, dust and debris completely. Rubber nose and ear pieces prevent slippage and provide a snug, comfortable fit. Blue Blocking copper lenses sharpen and clarify vision while reducing glare and heightening contrast and depth perception in hazy, overcast, rainy and low-light weather conditions. Gradient lenses are tinted from the top down, providing darker UV 400 protection from overhead sunlight with a lighter tint on the bottom so you can easily read or see your dash, text, watch & GPS while riding.

    Contour Mens Prescription Glasses, FM4033 Dark Bronze

    Dork Glasses

  • Model: FM4033A
  • Color: BrownDark bronze
  • Size: 53-19-14053
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